On a recent trip to Montreal Ninja ordered me to bend over this chair, knowing we could be as loud as we wanted in our rental place. I teased him by wearing a one-piece I knew he couldn’t get off and I paid for it with a series of spankings. Noticing that my long hair was tangled he found my brush and brushed it and called me a good girl. I felt warm and cared for in his hands and excited by what I knew was coming just as he turned my wooden hairbrush around and used it to give me an even harder slap. Mixing pain and pleasure has always been a predominant kink for me. That and sharing, so you can see the whole spanking in a brand new album at nymphoninjas.findrow.com-Trouble

Jazz vision is a wordless conversation between musical notes and visual expressions.
Barbara Januszkiewicz (via h-i-p-h-o-p-s-o-u-l)

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